Last week, I connected a lot of people to each other.  It is what I do.  I don’t expect anything in return.  I enjoy watching the connection work.  When I explained to Lincoln Schatz that connecting people for me was like an addiction, he said he was happy to be my “social change pusher.”  (Check out Lincoln’s innovative program, “Cure Violence” to combat youth violence: )

If you are reading this post, you probably know that I lost my job at a nonprofit organization last June and have been looking since then.  I have been told repeatedly that networking is the best way to find a job.  I have created a monster sized network and have LOVED what I have been doing.  But I am thinking there are some details about obtaining a job that I have not been told.  I volunteer with Open Books and Jobs for Youth.  (If you are in Chicago, check them out-the BEST of the BEST!)  I have gone to countless networking events.  I have very active profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  I have told everyone I know that I am looking.  And this is the second blog that I have set up.

So just maybe, the universe is trying to tell me something.  Maybe finding a job isn’t in the cards.  Maybe I am meant for a different course.  Well, I am open to learning that there just may be another plan for me.  And to that end, I am creating a page on this blog that lists my consulting skills.  If you know anyone who needs help with networking, working with volunteers, setting up volunteer programs, social media or just about anything else having to do with the nonprofit world, send them my way.  If I can help, I will do so.  If not, I know a whole lot of people in the Chicago area.  I may just have to feed that addiction and connect them with someone else.