MEN! How often in the past few days, weeks or months have you heard someone exclaiming negative generalities about them? I know I have far too many times. In the 50 years since I was born, there has been considerable effort put into empowering girls and women. And rightfully so. But while we are building girls and women up, do we have to also put down boys and men? I know that in many circumstances men have many advantages. I don’t want to push aside important conversations about equalizing access and power. But I am really tired of hearing so often about how terrible men are.

I truly can’t imagine my life without the extraordinary men I know. I have a father, two brothers and two sons who encourage me, listen to me, bring me great joy and make me laugh regularly. I have so many wonderful male friends of all ages who inspire me, provide incredible emotional support for me and make every day more interesting and more fun. Some of the men in my life are the greatest champions of women I know. Far more so than many of my women friends. They are incredible husbands, boyfriends, fathers and friends and deserve credit for that.

So let’s take a moment away from all the male bashing to notice those truly wonderful men in all of our lives. They probably don’t get told often enough that they are appreciated. What you say to them might just be the nicest thing they have heard from anyone in a long time. And if you are surrounded by men you don’t really like, it might be time to move on to find those you do. In my experience, I have found that there are plenty of great ones out there.