Heidi Massey has 15 years of professional experience in the nonprofit/community benefit sector, planning programs and events, creating experiential learning opportunities for all ages and working with boards and volunteers.  Heidi is known globally for her ability to create meaningful connections between people in her vast network.  She is available to assist individuals, organizations, schools, political campaigns and government agencies in the following areas:

Volunteer Recruitment/Management

Wondering how to attract passionate volunteers and what to do with them once you find them? Heidi can show you how to create a strong volunteer program for your organization, exponentially expanding your reach and impact.  Additionally, if you are interested in creating corporate volunteer opportunities, Heidi can design meaningful and exciting programs that will inspire companies to return again and again, allowing you to create relationships and partners.

Social Media-Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Need help navigating Social Media?  Heidi can teach you how to tweet with the best of ’em, establish a Facebook presence and help you create a LinkedIn profile as well as teach you how to use the tools that are available on LinkedIn. Heidi can also manage your social media presence.


Are you struggling to create a diverse board that can effectively lead your organization?  Are you eager to meet and collaborate with other like-minded organizations?  Heidi will use her vast network to help you establish connections that will facilitate creating these opportunities.

Creating and Managing Networks

How can an organization create connections that are worthwhile and meaningful? How can an organization expand and nurture its network?  As someone who is a natural connector, Heidi will help you see the opportunities in your community and beyond to establish and maintain relationships that will greatly expand your organization’s ability to work towards its mission.  Heidi can also help individuals meaningfully expand their networks.

Creating Exciting Events

Looking for an innovative way to create educational or social service events for your organization?  Want to develop strong leadership skills or provide team-building experiences for your staff or board?  Heidi will turn your programming needs into transformational experiences for any age group (including children, youth and families.)  She will completely reframe your ideas about what is possible and how to do it.


Need a presenter for an upcoming conference or event? Looking for a clear expression of a written message on a blog or elsewhere that inspires people? Heidi has vast experience both as a writer and public speaker.  Her folksy and approachable style allows participants to easily understand the topic and engage at the highest level. Heidi has spoken to audiences as large as 500 people, both children and adults.  Topics include any of the subjects included on this page and more.  If you do not see a topic listed, please contact Heidi to learn more.

If you need assistance with something that is not included here, contact Heidi Massey.  If she isn’t able to help, she will put you in touch with someone who can.

HeidiMassey@gmail.com        847-269-1366